About us

About Us

Emergent Capital Group is a real estate investment firm located in New Jersey, which specializes in various aspects of the real estate field. We take part in enterprises such as rehabbing, selling or buying distressed properties, and acquiring rental properties. Our ultimate goal is to provide clients and customers with solutions that meet or exceed their expectations. We take pride in offering clients and customers the option of investing with ease and convenience the way it should be. We are a property solutions company located in New Jersey and provide our clients the opportunity to sell their property to us or buy their next property from us for a Cash offer. We make buying and selling a property fast, simple, and convenient.

HELIOS CORE VALUES – Why Sell Your House In NJ to Us?

Our passion is helping people and the way we do this is by adhering to our Core Values of INTEGRITY, SERVICE, and EXECUTION. Here at HELIOS, our journey began with our service in the US Marine Corps, which ingrained in us a duty to serve our fellow Veterans and Seniors. Combined with expertise in Real Estate, we use our experiences and skills to help provide results for people like you. Some of the common questions we get and help solve are, “How do I sell my house fast in NJ?” or “How can I sell my house without a Realtor?

Service being of utmost importance to us, we start with the idea of buying these homes from people like you to provide housing to Military Veterans and Seniors. Every year our company takes a number of homeless Veterans off the streets and places them in homes just like yoursWe always look to buy, renovate, and either sell or rent to those who need it most. So rest assured, that when selling a home to us, these are the results that matter most to us. 


Come Meet The Team That Can Help You Sell Your House Fast

Adrian Rabiot
CEO / Founder
Bryan Robson
Alex Dylan
Marketing Manager
Steve Bruce
Michael Alan
Project Manager
Kevin Richard
3D Visualizer